MOTORBIKE DRIVING LICENSE A full motorcycle license is Category A and you need to be at least 24 years old to get one. depending on your age, there are three other categories of motorcycle license you might hold. AM is the license you get if you do your CBT aged 16. Here at Fast license services we will help you to get your bike driving license fast without going through the stress of sitting for exams. We provide original and registered motorcycle license UK, Motorcycle license class, motorcycle theory test pass, A1 motorcycle license, A2 motorcycle license. Buy motorbike license from fast license services. Getting a motorcycle  licence can seem overly complicated, it’s quite different from getting a car licence.

How to get a motorbike licence

There are two commonly known routes to getting a motorcycle licence you can choose to take depending on your age and riding experience, but before you decide on either, you will have to consider the provisional driving licence.

Do I need a provisional driving licence to learn to ride?

Yes, you must have a provisional licence, this is the first thing you need to apply for before you take your CBT – you cannot begin learning to ride a motorbike without one.

Follow the link to find out how to apply for a provisional licence.

REMEMBER: You will need bike insurance too before you can legally ride a bike

Can I ride a moped with only a full driving licence?

Yes and no, the answer to this depends on when you passed your driving test.

If you passed your driving test before 1 February 2001 you can legally ride a moped (up to 50cc) with no L plates, without taking a CBT course or the full moped test.

In this instance you will, however, need to take a CBT if you want to ride anything larger than a 50cc moped.

Anyone who passed their driving test after 1 February 2001 will have to complete their CBT before being able to legally ride a moped or motorbike.

You don’t have to take CBT if you:

You will also not need to complete your CBT if you want to ride a motorcycle and have a full moped licence from passing a moped test since 1 December 1990 or if you live and ride on some offshore islands.

The direct access route is when a non-rider decides to get a licence based on what their age group permits them to with no previous riding experience.

This route entitles you to an:

  • AM licence (allowing you to ride a 50cc bike) if you are 16 or over
  • A1 licence (allowing you to ride a 125cc bike) if you are 17 or over
  • A2 licence (limiting you to a bike up to 35kw) if you are 19 and over
  • A licence (allowing you to ride any bike of any sized engine) if you are 24 or over.

The progressive route

The progressive route, on the other hand, allows you to progress up through the MOTORBIKE DRIVING LICENSE gaining riding experience along the way to attain your full MOTORBIKE DRIVING LICENSE at a younger age.

If you begin riding at 16 you can work your way through the categories consecutively which will eventually mean a rider can attain a full A motorcycle when they are 21 as opposed to waiting until they are 24.

Providing you adhere to the right number of years’ experience, and your theory test certificate is valid, this route entitles you to an:

  • AM MOTORBIKE DRIVING LICENSE (allowing you to ride a 50cc bike) if you are 16 or over
  • A1 MOTORBIKE DRIVING LICENSE (allowing you to ride a 125cc bike) if you are 17 or over
  • A2 MOTORBIKE DRIVING LICENSE (limiting you to a maximum bhp of 47) if you are 19 and over
  • A MOTORBIKE DRIVING LICENSE (allowing you to ride any bike of any sized engine) if you are 21 and have held your A2 licence for two years or more

The other benefit of the progressive route is if you progress through the licencing system, gaining the appropriate number of years’ experience with each licence, you will not need to retake your motorcycle theory test.

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