A British passport is a travel document issued by the United Kingdom to individuals holding any form of British nationality. It grants the bearer international passage in accordance with visa requirements and serves as proof of citizenship. It also facilitates access to consular assistance from British embassies around the world. All passports issued in the UK since 2006 have been biometric.
The legacy of the United Kingdom as an imperial power has resulted in several types of British nationality, and different types of UK passport exist as a result.

All British passports enable the bearer to request consular assistance from British embassies and from certain Commonwealth embassies in some cases. British citizens can use their passport as evidence of right of abode in the United Kingdom. Since the introduction of biometric passports, the British passport has introduced a new design every five years. March 2020 saw the introduction of a new navy blue passport with a continuity design based on the last 1988 issue.

This design was being phased in over a number of months, and when introduced, the plan was that all passports issued should be blue by mid-2020. All passports are now issued with the blue design. Obtaining a British passport is either for the purpose of identification or International travel. A British passport is Valid for 10 years(for adults) and 5 years (for children).

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How do I apply for a child’s British passport?

Any child up to the age of 16 not already on a parent’s passport must hold their own passport. A child passport usually lasts for five years and the holder may continue to use it after they have reached the age of 16 and until the passport expires.

Do I need to hold British Citizenship before I can apply for a British passport?

British citizenship is a pre-requisite to being granted a British passport.

For example, if you are an EU citizen and have been living in the UK for six or more years you could be eligible to make an application to be naturalised and acquire British Citizenship.

The application for British citizenship requires:

  • You must have been in the UK for 6 or more years
  • During your time in the UK, you must have been working, self-employed, or a student ie exercising your Treaty Rights
  • You must meet the residence requirements, which include an assessment of your absences from the UK and where you intend to live after making the application
  • You will need to pass the Life in the UK Test
  • You also need to pass an approved English Language Test
  • You must meet the ‘good character’ requirement, for example, you must have no recent or serious criminal convictions, you must not be bankrupt, or associated with those considered to have ‘bad character’

How long does the passport application process take?

We would advise allowing 5 days between submitting your passport application to us and travel.

Fast tracked services are available for a fee, these however only relate to passport renewals and replacements, and new passport applications.

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